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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8492 watchfulness, of leaders
8492 watchfulness, of leaders

8492 watchfulness, of leaders

Leaders must be alert to the needs of those they serve and also to the dangers that surround believers in the world. The OT teaching on watchmen provides an indication of the importance of watchfulness and the responsibility of those called to be watchful.

Leaders are required to be watchful

Eze 3:17 See also Eze 33:7-9; Jn 21:16

They are accountable to God Eze 3:18 See also Mk 13:34-35; Heb 13:17

They must warn against false teachers Ac 20:31 Elders are called overseers in Acts 20:28; 1Ti 3:2; Tit 1:7; 1Pe 5:2. See also Jn 10:1-3; Ac 20:29; 2Ti 4:2-5; Tit 1:9-11

Examples of leaders’warnings to churches 1Co 4:14 See also Ro 16:17; Gal 5:21; 1Th 4:1; Tit 3:10; Rev 22:18

Leaders’watchfulness in prayer

Isa 62:6-7 See also 1Sa 12:23; Ro 1:9-10; Eph 1:16; Php 1:4; 2Th 1:11

Leaders need to watch over their own lives

Ac 20:28 See also Mk 14:29-30; 1Ti 3:2-7; 1Ti 4:15-16; Tit 1:6-8; Jas 3:1; 3Jn 9-10

Watchmen sometimes fail to be watchful

Isa 56:9-12; Eze 34:1-10; Zec 10:2-3

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