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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8466 reformation
8466 reformation

8466 reformation

The process of bringing religious practices and beliefs back into line with the word of God. The OT portrays Israel as requiring reformation at several points in her history. God’s people continue to need to review their beliefs and practices in the light of God’s word.

The continual need to turn from idolatry

1Sa 7:3 Idolatry was the besetting sin of Israel and the point at which all reforms had to begin. See also Ge 35:2; Jos 24:14-24; Jdg 6:25-27; 2Ki 10:18-27; 2Ki 11:17-18 pp 2Ch 23:16-17; 2Ch 19:3; 2Ch 33:15; 1Co 10:14; 1Jn 5:21

The reform of Asa

He removed idols 1Ki 15:12-13

He repaired the altar of the temple 2Ch 15:8,18

As a result the people sought and found God 2Ch 15:9-15

The reform of Hezekiah

He removed idols and even local shrines dedicated to God 2Ki 18:4 pp 2Ch 31:1

He established worship in the renovated and consecrated temple 2Ch 29:3-7,15-28

The covenant between God and his people was renewed 2Ch 29:10-11,29-31; 2Ch 30:1-27; 2Ch 31:2-19

The reform of Josiah

He repaired the temple 2Ki 22:3-7 pp 2Ch 34:8-13

He ended false worship 2Ki 23:4-24 pp 2Ch 34:3-7; 2Ch 34:33

The results of Josiah’s reform 2Ki 22:11-20 pp 2Ch 34:19-28 The prevailing attitude was that God would ensure that no disaster would befall his chosen people. Now the need to turn from sin and complacency was reiterated and repentance ensued; 2Ki 23:1-3 pp 2Ch 34:29-32; 2Ki 23:3 pp 2Ch 34:31-32; 2Ki 23:21-23 pp 2Ch 35:1-19

The reforms of Ezra and Nehemiah

The problem of intermarriage was dealt with Ezr 10:2-3 The objection to intermarriage was based on religious not racial grounds. It led to a corruption of the faith. See also Ezr 9:1-15; Ezr 10:5-17; Ne 13:23-27

The temple was purified Ne 13:4-13

The Sabbath-rest was reaffirmed Ne 13:15 See also Ne 13:16-22

Incomplete reforms

2Ki 10:28-29 See also 1Ki 15:14 pp 2Ch 15:17; 2Ki 3:2-3; 2Ki 12:2-3

The call to reform

To Israel Jer 7:3 See also 2Ch 7:14; Isa 1:16-17; Isa 55:6-7; Jer 18:11; Jer 26:13; Jer 35:15; Zec 1:3; Ac 3:19-26

To the church Rev 3:2-3 See also 1Co 5:1-13; Rev 2:5; Rev 3:15-20

To individuals Jas 1:21 See also Ro 12:2; 2Co 6:14-7:1; Eph 4:22-24; Col 3:5-10; Jas 1:22-25; Jas 4:7-10

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