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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8447 hospitality, examples of
8447 hospitality, examples of

8447 hospitality, examples of

Scripture provides many examples of friendship and generosity towards strangers, and encourages believers to be hospitable in turn.

Examples of hospitality in the OT

Ge 18:2-5 See also Ge 19:1-3 Lot entertains visitors from God; Ge 24:22-25 Abraham’s servant is welcomed in Rebekah’s home; Ex 2:20 Moses is welcomed by a priest of Midian; Jdg 13:15 Manoah receives the angel of the Lord. Shelter is given to a Levite: Jdg 19:1-4,20-21
2Sa 17:27-29 hospitality shown to David and his people; 1Ki 17:7-16 The widow of Zarephath cares for Elijah despite her poverty; 2Ki 4:8-10 a Shunammite provides for Elisha; Ne 5:17 Nehemiah shows hospitality to fellow Jews.

Hospitality shown to Jesus Christ

Mt 9:10 pp Mk 2:15 pp Lk 5:29 Jesus Christ received hospitality from people of all social backgrounds. See also Mt 8:14-15 pp Mk 1:29-31 pp Lk 4:38-39 at Peter’s house Jesus Christ anointed at Bethany: Mt 26:6-7 pp Mk 14:3; Jn 12:1-3
Lk 7:36 at the house of Simon the Pharisee; Lk 10:38 at the home of Mary and Martha; Lk 14:1 at the house of a prominent Pharisee; Lk 19:5-7 at Zacchaeus’house; Lk 24:29 with disciples in Emmaus; Jn 2:2 at the wedding at Cana

Hospitality assisted the mission of the apostles

Hospitality shown to the disciples Mt 10:11-12 pp Mk 6:10 pp Lk 9:4 Jesus Christ sends out the Twelve. See also Lk 10:5-7

Hospitality shown to Peter Ac 10:32 at the home of Simon the tanner; Ac 10:48 with Cornelius and his family

Hospitality shown to Paul and his companions Ac 16:15 at the home of Lydia; Ac 16:34 at the house of the Philippian jailer; Ac 18:2-3 with Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth; Ac 21:8 at the house of Philip; Ac 21:16 at the home of Mnason in Jerusalem; Ac 28:2 on Malta; Ac 28:7 at the home of Publius; Ro 16:23 with Gaius; Phm 22 as a guest of Philemon

Christians opened their homes for gatherings of believers

1Co 16:19 See also Ac 2:46; Ro 16:3-5; Col 4:15; Phm 2

Examples of inhospitable behaviour

1Sa 25:10-11 See also Nu 20:18 Edom; Nu 21:21-23 Sihon; Dt 23:3-4 Ammonites and Moabites; Jdg 19:15 Gibeah; Lk 9:52-53 a Samaritan village

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