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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8442 good works
8442 good works

8442 good works

Acts designed specifically to benefit others, which are characteristic of God. He requires and enables his people to do good, although such is contrary to their sinful human nature. Salvation does not depend on good works, but leads to them.

Good works are characteristic of God

Jer 32:36-40 See also Ps 119:17,65; Ps 125:1-4; Jer 32:41; Mic 2:7; Zec 8:14-15; Ac 10:37-38

Good works are unnatural for sinful human beings

Jer 13:23 See also Ps 5:9; Ps 10:7; Ps 14:1-3 pp Ps 53:1-3; Ps 36:1-4; Ps 140:3; Ecc 7:20; Isa 59:7-8; Jer 4:22; Ro 3:9-18; Ro 7:13-23

God’s people are encouraged to do good works

Gal 6:9-10 See also Ps 37:3; Ecc 3:12; Mt 5:38-48 pp Lk 6:27-36; 1Pe 3:8-13; Ps 34:12-16; 1Pe 4:19

God is pleased with the good works of his people

Heb 13:16 See also 1Pe 2:20,15; 1Pe 3:17

Good works will be rewarded

Jn 5:28-29 See also Lk 6:35; Ro 2:5-11; Gal 6:9-10; 1Ti 6:17-19

Good works as evidence of repentance

Ps 34:14 See also Ps 37:27; 2Ti 2:20-21; Jas 2:14-21,26; Jas 3:13; 1Pe 3:10-12

Good works as evidence of God’s grace in the lives of believers

2Co 9:8 See also Ac 9:36; Php 2:12-13; Col 1:10-12

Good works are the purpose of the new creation

Eph 2:10 See also 2Ti 2:21; 2Ti 3:16-17; 1Pe 2:13-15

Jesus Christ criticised for doing good works on the Sabbath

Mt 12:9-14 pp Mk 3:1-6 pp Lk 6:6-11 See also Lk 13:10-17; Jn 9:1-41

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