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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8413 edification
8413 edification

8413 edification

The building up and strengthening in the faith of believers and churches. Believers are strengthened by God and are urged, too, to build up one another. The church is edified through God’s word, through the Holy Spirit and the proper use of spiritual gifts, through the church’s appointed ministries and through the mutual love, support and encouragement of its members.

God edifies his people by strengthening them

Isa 40:29-31; Eze 34:16 See also Ps 29:11; Ps 73:26; Isa 40:11; Isa 41:10; 2Th 2:16-17; 2Th 3:3; Heb 13:9

The edification of believers

God builds up the community of faith 1Pe 2:4-5 See also Jer 24:6-7; Jer 31:4; Jer 42:10; Eph 2:19-22

Believers are to build themselves up Jude 20 See also Col 2:6-7

Believers are to build one another up Ro 15:2 See also Ro 14:19; Eph 4:29; Heb 3:13

The means of edification

God’s word Ac 20:32 See also Ps 119:28; Ro 4:20 Abraham was strengthened in his faith by his acceptance of God’s promise; Ro 15:4; 2Ti 3:15-17; 1Pe 2:2

The Holy Spirit Eph 3:16 See also Ac 9:31

Spiritual gifts 1Co 14:26 See also Ro 1:11; 1Co 12:7; 1Co 14:3-4,12

Appointed ministries Eph 4:11-12 Pastors are to build up the flock in their care: Jer 3:15; Jer 23:4; Eze 34:4; Zec 11:16 Paul’s apostolic commission includes strengthening the churches: Ac 15:41; Ac 18:23; 2Co 12:19
Ac 16:4-5 The message from the Jerusalem apostles results in believers being strengthened. Paul’s apostolic authority is for the building up of the church: 2Co 10:8; 2Co 13:10

Love and encouragement Eph 4:15-16; 1Th 5:11 See also Ro 1:12; Ro 14:20-21; 1Co 8:1,10-13; 1Co 10:23-24; Heb 12:12-13; Isa 35:3-4

Examples of those who edified others

Dt 3:28 Moses; Job 4:3-4 Job; Isa 40:1-2 Isaiah; Lk 22:32 Simon Peter; Ac 14:22 Paul and Barnabas; Ac 15:32 Judas and Silas; 1Th 3:2 Timothy; Phm 7 Philemon

The goal of edification

Eph 4:13 Edification results in spiritual discernment: Eph 4:14; Php 1:9-10; Heb 5:14
1Th 3:13 Edification results in right living.

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