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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8401 challenges
8401 challenges

8401 challenges

God makes demands on his people and, often through spiritual leaders, confronts believers with their sin. He also calls to account false gods and those who exalt themselves against him. The wicked vainly challenge God by questioning his authority, seeking to resist his power and opposing his people.

God’s challenge to his people

The challenge to obedience Dt 30:15-18 See also Ex 19:5-6; Dt 29:9; Am 5:14-15

The challenge to serve him alone 1Ki 18:21 See also Jos 24:14-15; Jer 3:12-14

The challenge to discipleship Mt 16:24-26 pp Mk 8:34-36 pp Lk 9:23-25 See also Mt 19:21 pp Mk 10:21 pp Lk 18:22; Lk 9:57-62 pp Mt 8:19-22; Jn 21:17-19

Challenging one another’s sin

The call to rebuke and admonish Lk 17:3; Col 3:16 See also Lev 19:17; 1Th 5:14; 2Th 3:14-15; 2Ti 4:2; Tit 2:15; Tit 3:10

Sin challenged by spiritual leaders Ne 9:30 See also Ne 9:26

Examples of leaders who challenged the sins of others 2Sa 12:1-7 The prophet Nathan challenges David; 2Ch 26:18 Azariah the priest challenges Uzziah; Eze 16:2 Ezekiel was called to confront Jerusalem; Hos 2:2 Hosea challenges the unfaithfulness of Israel; Ac 5:3-4 Peter confronts Ananias; Gal 2:11-14 Paul challenges Peter.

God’s sovereignty is unchallengeable

It cannot be questioned Isa 45:9-11 See also Job 9:12; Jer 18:6

His purposes cannot be thwarted Isa 14:27 See also Job 42:2; Isa 46:10; Da 4:35; Da 5:21

No-one can stand against him Jer 49:19 See also Jer 50:44; 2Ch 20:6; Job 41:10

God’s challenge to the wicked

He challenges false gods 1Ki 18:22-24 See also Isa 41:1,21-23

He challenges human pride Isa 23:9 See also Isa 13:19; Eze 28:2; Da 5:20

Challenges to God and his people

To God Isa 14:13-14; Ac 4:26-27 See also Ps 2:2; Ge 3:4-5 The serpent challenges God’s word; Isa 5:19 Isaiah’s opponents challenge God to do what he has announced. The challenge of the antichrist: Da 11:36; 2Th 2:4; Rev 13:5-6
Mt 4:1 pp Mk 1:12-13 pp Lk 4:1-2 Jesus Christ is tempted by the devil; Mt 16:22 Jesus Christ is challenged by Peter; Jn 8:13 the Pharisees challenge Jesus Christ

To God’s people 1Sa 17:8-11; Ps 42:10 See also Ps 42:3; Ps 79:10; Da 7:25; Da 8:11; Joel 2:17; Eph 6:10-12 God’s people are equipped to stand against the devil’s attacks; Rev 13:7

Further examples of challenges

Jdg 14:4; 2Ki 14:8 pp 2Ch 25:17

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