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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8365 wisdom, nature of human
8365 wisdom, nature of human

8365 wisdom, nature of human

The human quality which enables the planning and successful achievement of a desired goal. It may be expressed as technical skill, practical instruction and astuteness in political affairs. True wisdom includes spiritual discernment and, above all, the reverence and knowledge of God.

Wisdom as human skill

For work on the tabernacle Ex 36:1 See also Ex 28:3 making the priestly robes; Ex 31:2-6 pp Ex 35:30-35 craftsmanship and design in metalwork, stone, wood, embroidery and weaving; Ex 35:25-26 spinning; Ex 36:8 making and hanging curtains

For work on the temple 1Ch 22:15 See also 1Ch 28:21; 2Ch 2:7,13-14 pp 1Ki 7:13-14 Huram-Abi, skilled in bronze work

Other skills Making idols: Isa 40:20; Jer 10:9
Jer 9:17 professional mourning; Eze 27:8-9 seamanship

Wisdom as instruction in practical living

Pr 14:8; Ecc 12:11 See also Pr 6:6; Pr 10:5,8-9; Pr 19:11; Pr 20:1; Pr 21:20; Pr 29:11; Ecc 7:7; Ecc 10:12

Wisdom as political astuteness

Wisdom brings political success Pr 21:22; Ecc 9:14-15; Isa 10:13; Eze 28:4-5

Wisdom in giving political advice Ge 41:8; Est 1:13; Isa 19:11; Jer 51:57; Da 4:6; Da 5:8; Ob 8 David’s counsellors: 1Ch 26:14; 1Ch 27:32-33

Wisdom in government Ge 41:33-36; 2Sa 14:20; 1Ki 5:12; Da 2:48

Wisdom associated with mystic arts

Ge 41:8; Ex 7:11; Ps 58:5; Da 2:7; Da 5:7,11

Wisdom as spiritual discernment

Understanding the plan of God Ge 41:39 See also Jer 9:12; Rev 13:18; Rev 17:9

Understanding God’s ways Hos 14:9 See also Job 11:6; Ps 107:43; Da 12:10

Wisdom expressed in a right relationship with God

Wisdom as reverent submission to God Job 28:28 See also Ps 111:10; Pr 1:7; Pr 3:7; Pr 9:10; Ecc 12:13; Mic 6:9

Wisdom as the knowledge of God Pr 30:3; Isa 11:2 See also Eph 1:17; Col 1:9

Wisdom as obedience to God’s command Dt 4:6 See also Ps 119:34,73

Wisdom personified

Wisdom calls out an invitation Pr 8:1-4; Pr 9:1-6

Wisdom teaches what is right Pr 8:5-21

Wisdom existed before creation Pr 8:22-32

Human wisdom can be opposed to God

1Co 1:18-25 See also 1Co 4:10

See also

1020God, all-knowing
5029knowledge of God
5033knowledge of good & evil
8319perception, spiritual

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