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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8358 weakness, physical
8358 weakness, physical

8358 weakness, physical

Lack of human strength may have a number of causes. Believers should be caring and compassionate towards the weak.

Causes of human physical weakness

Sin Ro 8:3 See also Ps 90:10; Ro 5:6; Heb 5:2

Divine action Ge 32:25 Through wrestling with God, Jacob carried a physical reminder for the rest of his life. See also Ge 32:32; Heb 11:21

Disobedience Jdg 16:20 See also Jdg 16:7,11,13,17; Job 18:7; Eze 7:17; Eze 21:7; 1Co 11:30

Satanic action 2Co 12:7 See also Isa 14:12; Mk 9:17-18; Lk 13:11

Disease or disability Ps 6:2; Ps 31:9-10; Jn 5:7; Gal 4:13-14

Weakness from birth Ac 3:2

Weakness in old age Ge 27:1 See also 2Sa 19:34-37; 1Ki 1:1

Persecution 2Co 11:30 See also Nu 11:14-15; 1Ki 19:3-6; Mt 26:38; Mt 27:32 The physical weakness of Jesus Christ after flogging led to Simon carrying the cross; Ac 14:19-20; 1Co 2:3 Weakness and fear are often associated; 2Co 11:23-29

Being faced with opposition Nu 13:18; 2Sa 3:29; Ne 6:9

Corporate weakness

2Ch 20:12 See also Lev 26:36; Jdg 6:15; 2Sa 3:1; La 1:6

Believers’responsibility to the weak

Ac 20:35 See also Ps 41:1; Eze 34:4; Ro 14:1; Ro 15:1; 1Co 8:9; 1Co 9:22; 1Th 5:14

The weakness of God

2Co 13:4 See also 1Co 1:25; Heb 4:15

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