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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8343 servanthood, in society
8343 servanthood, in society

8343 servanthood, in society

Servants and slaves were an important feature of everyday life in biblical times. The idea of servanthood is used both literally and metaphorically throughout Scripture.

Laws of servanthood

Ex 21:2-6 pp Dt 15:12-18 The words “servant” and “slave” are the same in Hebrew, but according to OT law, an Israelite servant was to be accorded more rights than a foreign slave. See also Ge 17:13; Ex 12:44; Ex 20:10 pp Dt 5:14; Lev 25:39-55; Dt 21:10-14; Dt 29:10-11; 1Ch 2:34-35

Citizens referred to as servants of the king

1Sa 17:34 See also 2Sa 18:29; 2Ki 5:6; Ezr 4:11; Pr 14:35; Mt 18:23

Kings as servants of other kings

2Ki 16:7 See also 2Sa 10:19 pp 1Ch 19:19; 2Ki 17:3; 2Ki 24:1; Isa 60:10

Servant as a self-designated title of respect

2Sa 9:2 See also Ge 19:2; Ge 32:4; 1Sa 17:34; 2Sa 14:6; 2Ki 2:15-16; 2Ki 4:1; 2Ki 6:3; Da 1:12-13; Da 2:4

Servanthood in Proverbs

Pr 14:35 See also Pr 11:29; Pr 12:9; Pr 17:2; Pr 29:19; Pr 30:10,21-23

Servanthood in the NT

Mt 23:8-12 See also Mt 6:24; Lk 17:7-10; Jn 15:20; Ro 12:3-8

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