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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8337 reverence, and social behaviour
8337 reverence, and social behaviour

8337 reverence, and social behaviour

Reverence for God leads to proper respect for others and right relationships among the people of God.

Reverence for God affects believers’attitudes

Reverence produces respect for others Eph 5:21 See also 1Pe 2:17

Reverence affects social attitudes Lev 19:14; Lev 25:17; Eph 6:5; Lev 25:36,43

Attitudes to work are affected by reverence to God Ex 1:17 a conflict of duty; Ex 18:21 appointments in administration; 2Ch 19:7 justice; 2Ch 19:9

Reverence for God affects believers’behaviour

Lev 19:14,32; Lev 25:14-17,35-36; Ps 15:4; Pr 31:30 Reverence for God should be respected; Col 3:22 Reverence for God inspires a slave’s respect for his master. Reverence affects lifestyle: Tit 2:2-3; 1Pe 3:1-2

Reverence for God may reduce hostility

2Ch 17:10

Lack of reverence has an adverse effect on behaviour

Dt 25:18; Ne 5:7-9; Ps 36:1

Reverence can be shown to fellow human beings as God’s representatives

Jos 4:14; Ac 10:25

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