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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8336 reverence, and obedience
8336 reverence, and obedience

8336 reverence, and obedience

Reverence towards God expresses itself in the actions, as well as the words and worship of believers. True reverence for God leads to obedience towards him.

Reverent fear is expressed in worship

Jnh 1:16

Reverence in worship is expressed in bodily attitudes Bowing: Ex 12:27; Ps 95:6 Prostration: Ge 17:3; Nu 14:5; Da 10:15; Rev 5:14
Ex 3:5 removing shoes; Ex 3:6 covering the face Kneeling: Ezr 9:5; Da 6:10; Eph 3:14

Reverence can be learnt through religious observances

A shared meal in God’s presence Dt 14:23

Hearing God’s word Dt 4:9-14; Dt 31:12-13

Reading God’s word Dt 17:18-19

Reverence motivates people to avoid doing wrong

Pr 16:6 See also Ex 20:20; 2Ch 19:9-10; Job 1:1; Job 28:28; Pr 3:7; Pr 8:13; Pr 14:16; 2Co 7:1

Reverence leads people to obey God’s law

Ecc 12:13 See also Dt 10:12-13; Dt 13:4; Ne 5:14-18 generous treatment of dependants; 2Co 5:11 evangelism; Eph 5:21 mutual submission; Col 3:22 obedience to masters

Reverence is characterised by fearing God

Ecc 8:12; Ac 2:5

Gentile believers were called “God-fearing” Ac 10:2; Ac 13:26,50; Ac 17:4,17

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