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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8335 reverence, and blessing
8335 reverence, and blessing

8335 reverence, and blessing

Reverence for God brings favour to individual believers, their families and the community to which they belong.

God’s blessing is conditional upon reverence for him

Ps 128:1 See also Ps 115:1; Ecc 8:12; Jer 32:39

The characteristics of reverence

Wisdom is based on reverence for God Ps 111:10 See also Pr 1:7; Pr 9:10

Reverence is pure and eternal Ps 19:9

Reverence will characterise the Messiah Isa 11:2-3

God responds to those who revere him

Ps 147:11 See also Ps 25:14; Mal 3:16-18; Ac 10:35

Reverence brings God’s special attention and compassion Ne 1:11; Ps 33:18; Ps 103:13,17; Ps 145:19; Lk 1:50

God is good to those who revere him Ps 31:19; Isa 33:6

Reverence brings God’s protection and deliverance Ps 34:7; Ps 60:4; Ps 115:11; Pr 14:26

God meets the needs of those who revere him Ex 1:21; Ps 34:9; Ps 111:5; Jer 5:24-25

Reverence for God is rewarded

God rewards the reverent with prosperity Dt 6:24 See also Job 1:9; Ps 25:12-13; Ps 85:9; Ps 112:1; Ps 128:4; Pr 22:4; Mal 4:2

Those who revere God avoid his judgment Dt 28:58-67

God rewards reverence with long life and future hope Pr 10:27; Pr 14:27; Pr 19:23; Pr 23:17-18; Ecc 8:13

God’s blessings on those who revere him are a witness to the nations

Jer 33:9

Reverence ensures success in leadership

2Sa 23:3 David; 2Ch 26:5 Uzziah; Ac 9:31

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