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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8334 reverence, and God’s nature
8334 reverence, and God’s nature

8334 reverence, and God’s nature

Reverence for God results from considering his nature and all that he has done.

Believers should revere God and meditate upon his deeds

1Sa 12:24 See also Jos 24:14; Job 25:2; Job 37:23-24; Jer 32:40-41; Mal 2:5

Reverence is to be reserved exclusively for God

Dt 6:13-14

Reverence for God’s creative activity

Dt 10:20-21 See also 1Sa 12:18; 1Ch 16:25; Ps 33:8-9; Ecc 3:14; Jer 5:22-24; Hab 3:2

Reverence for God’s eternal existence

1Ti 1:17 See also 1Ti 6:16

Reverence for God’s name

Mal 4:2 See also Isa 59:19; Mal 1:14; Rev 11:18

Reverence for God’s holiness

Isa 8:13 See also Ps 96:4; Isa 29:23; Jer 10:7; Rev 15:4

Reverence for God’s word

Isa 66:2 See also Dt 4:10-11; Ezr 9:4; Ezr 10:3

Reverence for God’s works

Ecc 3:14 See also Ex 14:31; Ps 64:9

Reverence for God’s mercy and compassion

Ps 5:7; Ps 22:23; Ps 130:4

Reverence for God’s intervention in healing

Mt 9:8 pp Mk 2:12 pp Lk 5:26

Reverence for God’s judgment

Ex 14:31; Am 3:8; Jnh 1:16; Rev 14:7

Reverence for God’s anger

Dt 6:14-15; Ps 2:11-12; Ps 76:7

Gentile nations will also revere and fear God

Ps 67:7 See also Jos 4:24; 1Ki 8:43 pp 2Ch 6:33; 2Ch 20:29; Ps 76:11-12; Ps 102:15; Isa 59:19; Jer 33:9

Reverent fear of God is not mere terror but includes trust

Ex 20:20 See also Ge 28:16-17 Jacob feels reverent awe in the presence of the God who has just promised to bless him; Ps 2:11; Ac 9:31

Reverent fear of God is a remedy against other fears

Ps 56:4; Lk 12:4-5; 1Pe 3:14-15

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