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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8332 reputation
8332 reputation

8332 reputation

The estimation of a person in the sight of God or other people. Scripture stresses the importance of believers having a good reputation with those outside the faith.

God’s defence of his own reputation

God’s actions in history to uphold his reputation Ex 9:13-16 See also Eze 20:9-10

God’s rebukes his people for failing to uphold his reputation Mal 2:2 See also Mal 1:6-11

God’s promises to uphold his reputation Eze 36:22-23 See also Isa 42:8

The reputation of believers

Believers must seek a good reputation with God Ac 24:16 See also 2Co 5:9-10; 1Th 4:1

Believers must have a good reputation with outsiders Ac 5:13-16 See also Ac 2:46-47; Ac 24:16; 1Ti 3:7

Believers must not boast to improve their own reputation 2Co 10:17-18 See also 1Co 3:5-7; Php 3:4-9

Believers must not seek a good reputation through outward show Mt 6:16-18 See also Mt 6:1-8; Mt 23:2-12

Believers may find that serving God leads to a bad reputation with unbelievers Ac 17:5-8 See also 1Ki 19:1-5; Lk 23:1-2

Good reputations

Examples of God-fearers with a good reputation Lk 7:3-5 the centurion; Ac 10:1-4 Cornelius

Examples of believers with a good reputation Da 6:3-5 Daniel; Ac 9:36-39 Dorcas; Ac 16:1-2 Timothy; Ac 22:12-13 Ananias; Ro 1:8 the church at Rome

The blessing of a good reputation Pr 22:1 See also Ecc 7:1

Bad repuations

The reputation of sinners is known to God Ge 18:20-21 See also Rev 3:1-2; Rev 18:4-5

Examples of reputed sinners 1Ki 16:29-33; 1Ki 21:25-26; 2Ki 21:16-17

Outward reputation cannot compare with a righteous heart

1Sa 16:7 See also 1Ch 29:14-19; Rev 3:1-3

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