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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8329 readiness
8329 readiness

8329 readiness

A state of preparedness for future needs or happenings, whether predictable or uncertain. God through Jesus Christ prepared all that was necessary for the salvation of sinners. God’s people are exhorted to be ready for warfare (physical and spiritual), death and the second coming of Jesus Christ. All humanity should be ready for future judgment.

God has prepared everything for the salvation of sinners

Mt 22:4 A wedding banquet is often used to portray the blessings of salvation and the gathering of Jesus Christ with the redeemed in heaven. See also Lk 14:16-17; 1Pe 1:5

Exhortations to and descriptions of readiness for war

Against earthly enemies Joel 3:9-10 See also 1Ki 20:12; 1Ch 12:23-35,33-37; 2Ch 25:5; Jer 51:11-12; Da 11:10

Against spiritual forces of evil Eph 6:11-18

God’s people should always be ready

To face temptation 1Pe 5:8 See also Ps 39:1; Mt 26:41 pp Mk 14:38 pp Lk 22:46; 1Co 10:12

To face death 2Ki 20:1 pp Isa 38:1 See also Ge 46:30; Ac 21:13

To serve Eph 4:11-12; 1Pe 1:13 See also Nu 8:11; 1Sa 25:41; Jn 9:4; 2Co 8:19; 2Co 9:2; 2Ti 2:21; Tit 3:1

To speak the truth 1Pe 3:15 See also Pr 22:17-18; Jer 1:17; 2Ti 4:2

For the second coming of Chirst 1Jn 2:28 See also Mt 24:42-44,45-51 pp Lk 12:42-46; Mt 25:1-12,13; Mk 13:33-37; Lk 12:35-40; 1Th 5:8; Rev 3:11; Rev 16:15; Rev 19:7

All humanity should be ready for future judgment

Lk 12:47-48 This is one of many parables that Jesus Christ taught about his second coming and the need to be ready when he returns. See also Am 4:12; 1Pe 4:5

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