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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8322 perfection, human
8322 perfection, human

8322 perfection, human

Human wholeness in the image of God, given at creation and lost in the fall, is to be fully restored in Jesus Christ.

Humanity was created perfect

Ge 1:26-27 See also Ge 5:1; Eze 28:12-15 The king of Tyre is described in terms of the creation and fall of humanity; Jas 3:9

Perfection was lost through sin

Ro 3:23 See also Ge 2:17; Ge 3:16-19,23; Job 15:14-16; Eze 28:15-17; Ro 1:21

The need for moral perfection

Dt 18:13 See also Ge 17:1; Job 25:4; Ps 24:3-4

Human inability to keep God’s law perfectly

Heb 7:19 See also Heb 7:11; Heb 10:1

Perfection and redemption

God’s purpose for believers Col 1:22 See also Da 11:35; Da 12:10; Eph 5:27 God’s purpose for the church; Heb 10:14; Heb 11:40; Heb 12:23; Jas 1:4; Jude 24

The aim of Christian ministry Col 1:28 See also 2Co 11:2

The aim of the Christian Php 3:12 See also 2Co 13:9-11; Eph 4:13; Heb 6:1; Jas 1:4

Characteristics of perfection

Perfect love Mt 5:48 Jesus Christ patterning his disciples’love on the love God has for all people. See also 1Jn 4:12,18

Perfect holiness 2Co 7:1 See also Php 1:10; Php 2:15; Jas 1:27; 2Pe 3:14

Perfect obedience 1Ti 6:14; 1Jn 2:5

Perfect speech Jas 3:2

Perfect unity with other believers Jn 17:23 See also 1Co 1:10; Col 3:14

Perfect joy Jn 15:11 See also Jn 3:29; Jn 16:24; 1Jn 1:4; 2Jn 12

Perfect peace Isa 26:3 See also Ps 119:165; Php 4:7

Perfect knowledge 1Co 13:9-12 See also Ro 15:14 Although complete knowledge is inaccessible here and now, believers have all they need to live the Christian life; Col 2:2

Perfection in describing human physical beauty

2Sa 14:25-27; SS 4:7; SS 5:2; SS 6:9

False claims to perfection

Job 36:4; Ps 64:6; Ps 119:96; Eze 27:3-4; Php 3:6

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