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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8310 morality, and creation
8310 morality, and creation

8310 morality, and creation

Human beings have been created moral creatures in the likeness of God, who is the source and standard of all that is good.

Morality is grounded in the nature of God himself

Dt 32:4; Lk 18:18-19 See also Ex 33:19; Ex 34:5-7; Ps 25:8-9; Ps 119:68

Human beings are morally aware

They are created in God’s image Ge 1:26-27

They have a conscience Ro 2:14-15 See also 2Co 4:2

They have been given a moral law Ge 2:16-17; Mk 10:6-9; Ge 2:23-24 Standards for marriage are implicit in the creation.

They are capable of sharing moral ideals Jn 1:9; Ro 13:1-7; Eph 3:15 “whole family” is literally “all fatherhood”, implying that every understanding of fatherhood and family is derived from God; Php 4:8 refering to pagan virtues; Tit 3:1; 1Pe 2:13-14

Immoral acts are unnatural Ro 1:26-27

God’s judgment implies moral responsibility Jer 17:10; Eze 18:20-21; Am 1:6; Ro 2:5-11

Human beings are morally flawed

Ro 3:23 See also Ps 64:6; Isa 32:6; Jer 17:9; Ro 1:28-32; Ro 8:7; 1Ti 4:2

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