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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8304 loyalty
8304 loyalty

8304 loyalty

A commitment to an ongoing relationship and to the attitude and behaviour demanded by it. It is evident in human relationships and also in the covenant relationship between God and his people.

God’s loyalty to his people

God’s covenant loyalty Dt 7:9 See also 1Ki 8:23 pp 2Ch 6:14; Ne 1:5; Ps 25:10; Ps 89:28; Ps 103:17-18; Ps 106:45; Isa 54:10; Isa 55:3

God’s faithfulness to his promises Heb 10:23 See also 1Ki 8:56; Ps 91:14-16; 1Co 1:9

Loyalty to God

The loyalty of God’s people 1Ch 29:18; Jer 2:2 See also 1Ki 8:61; 2Ch 32:32; 2Ch 35:26; 2Ch 17:6

Examples of those loyal to God Nu 12:7 Moses; Nu 14:24 Caleb; Jos 24:14-15 Joshua and his family; Job 23:11 Job; Isa 38:3 Hezekiah; Ac 4:19 Peter and John; Ac 20:24 Paul

Failure to show loyalty to God Hos 6:4 See also Ps 78:8,37

Divided loyalties 2Ki 17:33 See also Mt 6:24; Lk 16:13; 1Co 10:21; Jas 1:8

Loyalty in human relationships

Loyalty and covenant 1Sa 20:8

The loyalty of friends 1Sa 20:42; Pr 17:17 See also 2Sa 16:17; Pr 27:10

Loyalty within the family Ru 1:16-17 See also Ge 20:13; Ge 38:8; Ge 47:29; Dt 25:5; Ru 3:9; 1Co 7:3

Loyalty to those in authority Ro 13:1 See also Ezr 7:26; Ecc 8:2; Mt 17:27; Mt 22:21; Tit 3:1; 1Pe 2:13-14

Examples of loyalty to rulers 2Sa 15:21 See also 1Sa 22:14 David’s loyalty to Saul; 2Sa 3:8 Abner’s loyalty to Saul’s family; 1Ki 12:20 the loyalty of Judah to David’s house; 1Ch 12:33 the men of Zebulun’s loyalty to David

The loyalty of believers

Ro 12:10; Php 4:3 See also 1Co 4:17 Timothy; 1Co 16:15-16 the household of Stephanas; Col 1:7 Epaphras; Col 4:7 Tychicus; Col 4:9 Onesimus

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