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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8281 insight
8281 insight

8281 insight

The spiritual quality that enables a person to appreciate God’s mind and will in matters of behaviour, truth and providence, especially where right perception is not obvious. Insight is akin to wisdom and understanding. It is given by God and is to be sought by believers.

Insight is given by God

2Ti 2:7 See also Pr 2:6

Insight through angelic instruction Job 33:23; Da 9:20-22

Insight through Jesus Christ’s teaching Lk 24:45-47 See also Lk 24:27; Mt 16:12

Insight through the Holy Spirit 1Co 2:9-13 See also Isa 64:4; Eph 3:4-5

Human insight cannot comprehend spiritual truth 1Co 2:14 See also Job 9:11; 1Co 1:20-21

Insight into spiritual truth

Insight into the truth about Jesus Christ Col 2:2-3 See also Jn 16:12-15

Insight into the believer’s hope and power Eph 1:18-19

Insight into the make-up of the church Ac 10:34-35; Eph 3:2-6

Insight into the number of the beast Rev 13:18

Insight into the providence of God

Joseph’s insight Ge 50:20 See also Ge 45:4-8

David’s insight 2Sa 5:12 pp 1Ch 14:2

Job’s insight Job 42:1-6 Job does not learn why he has suffered, but reaffirms his trust in God’s superior wisdom and power. See also Job 15:9 Human insight into Job’s suffering did not bring enlightenment; Job 26:3; Job 34:35

Insight into correct behaviour

Php 1:9-11 See also Pr 28:7; Col 1:9-10; Ps 19:12 discerning one’s own faults; Ps 119:34 understanding God’s law; Pr 5:1-4 avoiding evil

Insight into the truth about people

2Ki 4:8-9 The Shunammite woman recognises Elisha as a man of God; Ne 6:1-2 Nehemiah discerns the motives of his enemies; Mt 9:3-4 pp Mk 2:6-8 pp Lk 5:21-22 Jesus Christ is aware of the evil thoughts of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law; Jn 4:19 The woman of Samaria understands some of the truth about Jesus Christ.

Insight is to be sought

Pr 2:3-5 See also Pr 3:21; Pr 18:15

Asking God for insight Jas 1:5 See also 1Ki 3:9-12 pp 2Ch 1:10-12

Insight through meditation on God’s word Ps 119:98-100 See also Ps 119:104; Da 9:2; Mt 22:29 pp Mk 12:24

Examples of people of insight

1Ki 4:29-34 Solomon; 1Ch 27:32 Jonathan, David’s uncle; Da 5:11 Daniel

Examples of lack of insight

Mt 16:9-11 pp Mk 8:17-21 Jesus Christ’s disciples; Mt 16:22 pp Mk 8:32 Simon Peter; Lk 24:25 Cleopas and his companion; Jn 3:10 Nicodemus; Jn 20:2 Mary Magdalene

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