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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8271 holiness, purpose of
8271 holiness, purpose of

8271 holiness, purpose of

God in his holiness desires a holy people amongst whom he can dwell, and who can effectively worship, witness to and serve him as they prepare for a future with God and to be like God.

The goal of holiness is to be like God

Lev 19:2; Mt 5:48 See also Ro 8:29; Heb 12:10; 1Pe 1:15-16; 1Jn 3:2-3

God dwells with holy people

God dwelt with the people of Israel Dt 23:14 See also Ex 29:42-46; Nu 5:1-3; 1Ki 9:3; Eze 37:26-28; Zec 2:10-12

God dwells with Christians Eph 2:19-22 See also 1Co 3:16-17

Holiness is required for acceptable worship

Heb 10:19-22 See also Lev 22:17-22; 2Ch 29:15-31; Isa 56:6-7; Mt 15:7-9 pp Mk 7:6; Isa 29:13; Ro 12:1

Holiness is needed for effective witness

1Pe 2:9-12 See also Eze 20:41; Eze 36:20; Eze 39:7; 1Pe 3:1-2

Holiness is needed for godly service

Heb 9:13-14 See also Ex 28:41; Lev 21:6-8; 2Ch 35:3; Zep 3:9; Lk 1:74-75; 2Ti 2:20-21; Tit 2:14

Holiness leads to a future hope

Holy people will see God Heb 12:14 See also Mt 5:8; 1Th 3:13; 2Th 1:10

Holy people will receive eternal life Ro 6:22 See also 2Pe 3:11

Holy people will inherit the kingdom Col 1:12 See also Da 7:18,22,27; Eph 1:18; Rev 20:6

Holy people will judge the world 1Co 6:2

Believers’ultimate destiny is to share God’s holiness for ever Eph 5:25-27; Rev 21:2-3

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