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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8270 holiness, as set apart for God
8270 holiness, as set apart for God

8270 holiness, as set apart for God

Believers are holy, in that they are called to be set apart from the world as God’s own people. Likewise certain days and articles are holy because they are set apart for God alone.

Believers are called to be a holy people, set apart for God

The nation of Israel Dt 7:6 See also Ex 19:5-6; Lev 20:26; Dt 26:18-19

The priests 1Ch 23:13 See also Lev 21:5-8

The Nazirites Nu 6:1-8

The apostles and prophets Lk 1:70; Ac 3:21; Eph 3:5; 2Pe 3:2

Christians Eph 1:4; 1Pe 1:15-16 See also 1Co 1:2; Col 3:12; 2Ti 1:9; 1Pe 2:9

Consecration sets apart for holiness

God’s people are consecrated Lev 20:7-8 See also Ex 19:10-11,14-15; Lev 11:44-45; Jos 3:5; Jos 7:13; 1Sa 16:5

Priests are consecrated for divine service Ex 30:30 See also Ex 40:12-15; 1Sa 7:1; 1Ch 15:14; 2Ch 23:6; 2Ch 29:5; 2Ch 35:3

Articles are consecrated for divine use Ex 40:9-11 See also Ex 29:36-37; Ex 30:25-29

Days and occasions set apart for God

The Sabbath Lev 23:1-3 See also Ge 2:3; Ex 16:23-25; Ex 20:11

The Passover Lev 23:4-8; Nu 28:16,25

The Feast of Weeks Lev 23:15-16,21; Nu 28:26

The Feast of Trumpets Lev 23:23-25; Nu 29:1; Ne 8:2,9-11

The Day of Atonement Lev 23:26-28,32; Nu 29:7

The Feast of Tabernacles Lev 23:33-36; Nu 29:12

The sabbath year Lev 25:1-5

The Year of Jubilee Lev 25:8-12

Places identified with the presence of God are made holy

Holy ground Ex 3:5; Jos 5:15

Holy mountains Ex 19:18-23; 2Pe 1:18

The tabernacle Ex 29:42-44; Ex 40:9

The temple 1Ki 9:3 pp 2Ch 7:16 See also 1Ki 8:10-13; Eze 42:14,20; Mt 24:15; Ac 6:13; Ac 21:28

Jerusalem and the holy land Joel 3:17; Zec 2:12; Mt 4:5; Mt 27:53

Things associated with worship are holy

Bread Ex 29:32-33; 1Sa 21:3-6; Mt 12:3-4 pp Mk 2:25-26 pp Lk 6:3-4

Perfume Ex 30:34-38

Ritual offerings Lev 6:24-29 See also Lev 6:17; Lev 7:1,6; Lev 10:12-13,16-18

Offerings dedicated with a vow Lev 27:9,14,20-23,28

Tithes Lev 27:30-33

The firstborn Ex 13:2,11-12; Lk 2:22-23

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