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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8269 holiness, as separation from the worldly
8269 holiness, as separation from the worldly

8269 holiness, as separation from the worldly

God’s people are called to holiness, which involves being distinct from other people. In the OT, this is seen in the command to separate from other nations and from everything that can compromise commitment to the Lord. In the NT believers are called to distance themselves from the ways and values of the world, which can be dishonouring to God and destructive to obedience to him.

Israel is to be set apart from other nations

Lev 20:23-26 See also Ex 33:15-16; Lev 15:31; Lev 18:29-30; Dt 7:1-6; Dt 23:9-14; Ezr 9:1-2,10-12; Isa 52:11

Common things are designated clean or unclean by ritual law

Clean and unclean animals Lev 11:46-47 See also Lev 11:1-23 pp Dt 14:3-20; Mk 7:14-19; Ac 10:14

Infectious skin diseases Lev 13:2-3; Lev 14:2

Mildew Lev 13:47-49; Lev 14:33-36

Bodily discharges Lev 12:2; Lev 15:2

Corpses Lev 5:2-3; Lev 11:31-40; Lev 21:1,11

What is holy must be kept separate

The Israelites must distinguish between the holy and the common Lev 10:10-11; Eze 44:23

Contact with the profane desecrates the holy Ac 21:28 See also Jer 51:51

Unclean people and things must be removed Nu 5:1-3; Ezr 10:10-11 See also Lev 7:22-27; Lev 13:45-46; Lev 19:5-8; Nu 19:13,20; Dt 23:10-14; 2Ch 26:21

Unclean people are not to approach what is sacred Lev 7:20-21; Lev 22:3-6

The holy must be treated with respect

Unintentional defilement of the holy carries a penalty Lev 5:14-16

Warnings against contempt for the holy Lev 22:1-2 See also Ex 19:10-13; Ex 28:42-43; Ex 30:18-21; Ex 31:14-15; Nu 4:15,17-20; Heb 10:28-29

Examples of contempt for the holy Lev 10:1-2; Nu 16:1-7,18-35; 1Sa 6:19-20; 2Sa 6:6-7; Eze 22:26,31; Ac 5:1-10

Christians are called to be separate from the ways of the world

Jn 15:19; Jas 4:4; 1Pe 2:9-11 See also Jn 17:14-16; 2Co 6:14-7:1; 2Ti 2:19; Jas 1:27

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