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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8255 fruit, spiritual
8255 fruit, spiritual

8255 fruit, spiritual

The spiritual life and growth of believers is likened to a fruit-bearing tree. As the fruit is evidence of the health and vigour of the tree, so the believer’s life, attitudes and behaviour should reflect the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Believers should exhibit evidence of their conversion

Jas 3:13 See also Mt 3:8 pp Lk 3:8-9; Mt 7:15-20; Mt 12:33; Jn 15:16; Ro 7:4-5; Tit 3:14; Jas 2:14-26

The nature of spiritual fruit

Gal 5:22-23 See also Ro 8:5-6; Php 1:9-11; Jas 3:17

The sources of spiritual fruit

Acceptance of the gospel Lk 8:15 pp Mt 13:23 pp Mk 4:20

The old way of life put to death Jn 12:24 See also Ro 6:6,11-14; Ro 8:13-14; Gal 5:24; Eph 4:22-24; Col 3:5-10

Actively living a new life in Jesus Christ Gal 6:7-9 See also Ro 6:11-14; Gal 5:25; Eph 5:8-9; Col 1:10; Col 3:12-15; 2Ti 2:22; 2Pe 1:5-8; Tit 3:14; 1Jn 3:18

Remaining close to Jesus Christ Jn 15:4-5

Submission to God’s discipline Heb 12:10-11 See also Jn 15:1-2

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