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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8252 faithfulness, in human relationships
8252 faithfulness, in human relationships

8252 faithfulness, in human relationships

Loyalty and commitment within human relationships is important in the life of God’s people. It is seen particularly in fidelity within marriage, fulfilling family obligations, honouring vows, dutiful service and trustworthy speech and conduct.

Faithfulness within society

It is important in the life of God’s people Hos 12:6 The word translated “love” is the Hebrew word “hesed”, which here expresses the loyalty and faithfulness that should characterise the life of God’s people. See also Mic 6:8; Mt 23:23 pp Lk 11:42

It is a reflection of God’s faithfulness to his people Ps 89:14 See also Dt 32:4; Isa 11:4-5

Faithfulness in marriage

Heb 13:4 See also Mal 2:11,14-15; Mt 5:27-28; Ex 20:14; Eph 5:33; 1Ti 5:9

Faithfulness in family relationships

1Ti 5:4,8 See also Ge 24:47-51 fulfilling family obligations in marriage arrangements; Ge 47:28-31 fulfilling family obligations regarding burial Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi: Ru 1:16-18; Ru 2:11-12
1Sa 2:19 Hannah visits Samuel regularly. The wife of noble character provides for her family: Pr 31:15,21,27-28
Jn 19:25-27 Jesus Christ provides for his mother.

Faithfulness to vows and covenants

Nu 30:2 Jacob and Laban: Ge 29:18,30 The sons of Israel and Joseph: Ge 50:25; Ex 13:19 The Israelites and Rahab: Jos 2:14; Jos 6:25
Jos 9:15-20 Joshua and the Gibeonites David and Jonathan: 1Sa 18:3; 1Sa 20:8,42; 1Sa 23:16
1Ki 20:34 Ben-Hadad and Ahab

Faithfulness in speech

In carrying messages Pr 13:17 See also Pr 25:13

In telling the truth Pr 12:17; Pr 14:5

In bringing God’s word Jer 23:28 See also 2Co 2:17; 2Co 4:2; 2Ti 2:15

Faithfulness in conduct

In serving others 3Jn 5 See also Ro 16:1-2; Gal 6:10; 1Pe 4:10

In intercession Ro 1:9-10; Eph 6:18; Col 4:2-4

In giving 2Co 8:7-11 See also 2Ch 31:5-10; Php 4:15-18

In handling money 2Ki 12:13-15 See also 2Ki 22:7; 2Ch 31:12-15; Mt 25:21; Lk 16:10; Lk 19:17

The rarity of true faithfulness

Pr 20:6 See also Ps 12:1-2; Isa 57:1; Jer 17:9

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