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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8228 discernment, examples of
8228 discernment, examples of

8228 discernment, examples of

Perfect discernment is displayed by God and Jesus Christ. Evil spirits also have discernment, about the person and work of Christ. Discernment has been evident in the rulers and spiritual leaders of God’s people, but Israel, like children and the foolish who lack judgment, failed to discern God’s purpose and truth.

God’s discernment

Ps 139:1-4 See also Job 31:4; Job 34:21; Heb 4:13; 1Jn 3:20; Ps 19:12 God alone knows our hidden faults.

Jesus Christ’s discernment

Jn 2:25 See also Mt 9:4 pp Mk 2:8 pp Lk 5:22 Jesus Christ discerns the thoughts of the teachers of the law; Mt 16:23 pp Mk 8:33 Jesus Christ discerns the source of Peter’s words; Mt 22:18 pp Mk 12:15 pp Lk 20:23 Jesus Christ discerns the true motive of his questioners; Jn 1:47 Jesus Christ sees into the heart of Nathaniel; Jn 8:16 Jesus Christ has perfect discernment of right and wrong.

Evil spirits’discernment

Mk 1:23-24 pp Lk 4:33-34 See also Mk 1:34 pp Lk 4:41; Ac 16:17

Discernment in those who govern

Joseph: Ge 41:39; Ac 7:10 Solomon: 1Ki 3:12; 2Ch 2:12
Job 12:20 elders

Examples of spiritual discernment

2Ki 4:9 See also Jn 4:19,42
1Ki 22:19-23 pp 2Ch 18:18-22 Micaiah discerns that a lying spirit is responsible for false prophecy. See also Jer 23:16-22 Jeremiah knows that the false prophets’message is not from God; Ac 5:3 Peter is aware of the deception of Ananias and Sapphira; Ac 8:23 Peter discerns the true condition of Simon’s heart; Ac 16:18 Paul discerns the spiritual source of a girl’s fortune-telling ability.

Futher examples of discernment

2Sa 14:18-20 David sees through Joab’s ruse; 1Ki 3:24-28 Solomon discerns a child’s true mother; Ne 6:12-13 Nehemiah sees through the plot against him.

Lack of discernment

Young children lack discernment Dt 1:39 See also Isa 7:15-16; Jnh 4:11

Israel’s lack of discernment Dt 32:28; Lk 12:54-56 See also Isa 1:3; Isa 5:13; Isa 44:18-19; Eze 12:2; Ac 28:27; Isa 6:9-10

Those who lack judgment Pr 6:32; Pr 10:21 See also Pr 7:7; Pr 9:4; Pr 12:11; Pr 18:1; Pr 24:30

Other examples of lack of discernment Ps 82:5 the “gods” in the heavenly assembly; Mic 4:12 the nations who fail to discern God’s plan

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