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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8225 devotion
8225 devotion

8225 devotion

Wholehearted commitment to God, to another person or to a task. God’s people are encouraged to show such commitment.

God’s people are to be wholehearted in their devotion to him

Dt 6:5; Ro 12:1 See also Dt 30:1-3; Jdg 5:2; Ps 119:2; Jer 29:13

Examples of devotion to God

Ps 42:1; Php 3:7-8 Caleb and Joshua: Nu 14:6-9; Nu 32:11-12; Jos 14:7-12
2Ki 23:1-3 pp 2Ch 34:29-32 Josiah and his subjects; 2Ch 15:12-15 the people of Judah The psalmists: Ps 27:1-4; Ps 40:7-8; Ps 84:2; Ps 119:57,135-136 Paul: 1Co 2:2; 1Co 9:26-27; 2Co 1:8-10; Php 3:13-14; Col 1:24,28-29

Examples of devotion to other people

Mt 26:35 pp Mk 14:31 Jn 6:68 See also Ru 1:15-17 Ruth to Naomi Jonathan to David: 1Sa 19:4-5; 1Sa 20:12-13,41-42 Spouses to each other: Eph 5:22-23,28-29; Col 3:18-19
2Co 8:1-5 the Macedonian churches to Christians in poverty

Examples of devotion to a specific task

The leaders and people of Israel to building the temple 1Ch 28:2-3,6,9-10; 1Ch 29:1-6,17-19

Nehemiah and the people of Judah to rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem Ne 2:4-6,17-18; Ne 4:13-18,21-23; Ne 6:15

Jesus Christ devoted to his mission Lk 9:51 See also Mt 16:23 pp Mk 8:33; Lk 4:1-12 pp Mt 4:1-10; Lk 4:16-21; Lk 22:42 pp Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:35-36; Jn 9:4; Jn 19:30

The disciples devoted themselves to the ministry of the church Ac 2:42; Ac 5:42; Ac 6:1-4; Ac 8:4

See also

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