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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8223 dedication
8223 dedication

8223 dedication

The single-minded devoting of a person, object or action to the honour of God.

Personal dedication to God must be wholehearted

Jos 22:5 See also Dt 10:20; Jos 24:14-15; 1Ch 28:9; Ne 10:28-29; Ps 119:106; Mt 22:37 pp Mk 12:30 pp Lk 10:27; Dt 6:5

OT dedication to the worship and service of God

Dedication of individuals Nu 6:1-8 See also Jdg 13:5,7; Jdg 16:17; 1Sa 1:11; Pr 20:25

Dedication of property Lev 27:1-8 See also Lev 27:9-27

Dedication of animals Lev 1:1-4

Dedication of the priesthood Nu 18:6 See also Ex 28:41; Lev 21:10-12; Dt 10:8; 1Ch 15:2; 1Ch 23:13

Dedication of the tabernacle and its furnishings Nu 7:1 See also Nu 7:10,84,88

Dedication of the temple and its contents 1Ki 7:51 pp 2Ch 5:1; 1Ki 8:63-64; 1Ki 15:15; 2Ch 2:4; 2Ch 7:9; Ezr 6:16-18; Lk 21:5

Dedication of particular items of value 1Ki 7:51 pp 2Ch 5:1 See also 1Ki 15:15; 1Ch 29:1-5; 2Ch 3:6

Dedication of the booty of war 2Sa 8:11-12 pp 1Ch 18:11 See also Nu 31:28; Jos 6:19; Jos 7:1,10-13; 1Ch 26:27

NT dedication to God and his service

Dedication is more usually applied to people than things Ro 12:1 See also Mt 6:24 pp Lk 16:13; Mt 19:29; Ac 4:36-37; Ro 6:13,16,19; 1Co 16:1-2; 1Ti 5:11; 1Pe 1:15-16; Lev 11:44

Particular work and time may be given over to the service of God Ac 6:1-4 See also Ac 1:14; Ac 13:2; Ro 1:1

Service for others is to be dedicated to God and done in his name Col 3:17 See also 1Co 10:31; Eph 5:21; Eph 6:5-7

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