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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8218 consecration
8218 consecration

8218 consecration

The setting apart of people, things, times or places as sacred, for God to use.

Consecration is the requirement of a holy God

Lev 20:7-8 See also Lev 11:44; Lev 22:32

The consecration of people

The importance of personal consecration Ro 6:13

Inward consecration to God is symbolised by outward cleansing Ro 12:1; 2Co 5:14-15; 1Pe 2:24; Ex 19:10,14; 1Sa 16:5; 2Ch 30:17; 2Ch 35:6; Ps 50:5; Ro 12:1

The consecration of all firstborn males Ex 13:2; Lk 2:22-23 See also Ex 13:12-13; Nu 3:11-13; Nu 8:17-18 The Levites served in place of the firstborn males in Israel.

The consecration of priests Ex 29:1 See also Ex 19:22; 1Ki 13:33; 2Ch 30:3,24

The consecration of the Aaronic priesthood Ex 30:30 See also Ex 28:41; Lev 8:30; 1Ch 23:13

The consecration of the Levitical priesthood 1Ch 15:12; 2Ch 23:6; 2Ch 29:5; 2Ch 35:3

Special consecration is marked by a vow Nu 6:8,11 the Nazirite vow

The consecration of things

Altars Ex 29:36-37 See also Ex 30:29 The use of oil in consecration: Ex 40:9-11; Lev 8:11-12

Offerings Ex 28:38; Ex 29:27; Lev 22:2; 2Ch 30:17

Garments Ex 28:3; Ex 29:21; Ex 40:13; Nu 15:39-40

Bread 1Sa 21:4,6; Mt 12:4 pp Mk 2:25-26 pp Lk 6:3-4

Meat Hag 2:12 The state of consecration could be transmitted; Jer 11:15 True consecration should involve a right spirit.

Certain places are consecrated

Ex 19:23 Mount Sinai; Ex 29:43-44 the Tent of Meeting The tabernacle: Lev 8:10; Nu 7:1 The temple: 1Ki 8:64 pp 2Ch 7:7; 1Ki 9:3 pp 2Ch 7:16; 2Ch 29:17-19

Certain times are specially consecrated

Lev 25:10 the Year of Jubilee The Sabbath: Ge 2:3; Ex 20:8,11; Dt 5:12

The consecration of daily life

1Ti 4:4-5 The reference may be to grace before eating. See also Zec 14:20-21

Consecration as preparation for work and worship

Nu 11:18; Jos 3:5; Jos 7:13

Consecration to other gods incurs God’s displeasure

Isa 66:17 See also Jdg 17:3; 2Ch 13:9; 2Ch 26:18; 2Ch 30:17; 2Ch 36:14; Hos 9:10

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