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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8217 conformity
8217 conformity

8217 conformity

Correspondence in character or behaviour; believers are not to conform to the ways of this world but are to be conformed to the image of Christ.

Believers are not to conform to the ways of this world

Ro 12:2; 1Pe 1:14 See also Ex 23:2; Lev 20:23; Dt 18:9 Israel was not to imitate the practices of surrounding nations; 2Ki 17:15; Eze 11:12; Da 1:8 Daniel refused to conform to the ways of Babylon; Da 3:12; Eph 4:17; Col 3:7-8; 1Th 5:6; 1Ti 1:9-11; 1Pe 4:3; 3Jn 11

Christians will be conformed to the image of Christ

Ro 8:29 See also Jn 13:15,34; Ro 13:14; 1Co 11:1; Eph 5:1-2; Php 2:5

The means of being conformed to Jesus Christ

In being completely united with him Ro 6:3-10; 2Co 4:10 See also Ro 8:10-11,17-18; Php 3:10-11; 1Pe 4:13

In his death Php 3:10 See also Gal 6:14; Col 1:24; Col 3:3; 1Pe 2:21; 1Pe 4:1

In his resurrection Eph 2:4-6 See also 1Co 15:20-22; Col 3:1

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