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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8164 spirituality
8164 spirituality

8164 spirituality

The quality of life generated and nourished by the Spirit of God, in which believers experience the power and presence of God in their lives. True spirituality comes from living under the control of the Holy Spirit and is evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit, spiritual maturity and growth in holiness.

The foundations of spirituality

The need for spiritual renewal 1Co 2:14; Ro 7:14; Jude 19

Believers have been renewed spiritually Jn 3:5-8 See also Ro 8:11; Tit 3:5; 1Pe 1:3,23

Faith Heb 11:6 See also Jn 6:53-58; Jn 14:1; Jn 20:31; Ac 16:31; Ro 10:9-10

A longing for God Ps 27:8 See also Ps 119:2; Ps 143:5-6; Php 3:10-14

The nature of spirituality

Living under the Spirit’s control Ro 8:5-9 See also Ro 8:12-13; Gal 5:16-17; Eph 5:18

Reflecting Jesus Christ’s character 2Co 3:18 See also Ro 8:29; 1Jn 3:2-3

Intimacy with God through the Spirit Ro 8:14-16 See also Gal 4:6

Evidence of spirituality

Bearing spiritual fruit Gal 5:22-23 See also Mt 7:17; Jn 15:5-8; Ro 14:17; Eph 5:8-9

Love for one another 1Jn 4:7 See also Jn 13:34-35; 1Co 13:1-4; Col 3:12

Spiritual maturity 1Co 3:1-3 See also 1Co 14:20; Heb 5:13-14

Showing concern for weaker believers Gal 6:1 See also Ro 14:1-3,19-21; 1Co 8:9-13

Understanding spiritual truths 1Co 2:9-13 See also Jn 14:17; Jn 16:13-15; 1Co 2:15-16

Holiness Tit 2:12 See also Ro 12:1-2; 1Co 6:19-20; Gal 5:24; Col 3:1-2

Obedience Jn 15:10; 1Jn 2:2-6; 1Jn 5:2-3

Aids to spirituality

Co-operation with the Spirit Gal 5:25 See also Ac 7:51; Eph 4:30; 1Th 5:19

Meditation on God’s word Jos 1:8; Jn 17:7; 2Ti 3:15-17

Spending time with God Lk 6:12; Mk 1:35; Ac 4:13

Encouragement of others Heb 10:24 See also Col 3:16; 1Th 2:11-12

Tests and trials Jas 1:2-4 See also Ro 5:3-4; 1Pe 1:6-7

Examples of spirituality

Ge 5:24 Enoch; Ge 6:9 Noah Moses: Nu 12:3,6-8 David: 1Sa 13:14; Ac 13:22 Stephen: Ac 6:5,8
Ac 11:24 Barnabas

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