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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8160 seeking God
8160 seeking God

8160 seeking God

God’s desire is that all people should seek after him and find him. Those who seek God with all their heart are rewarded, but those who fail to seek him do so to their eternal loss.

God’s heart is for people to seek him

God wants people to seek him Ac 17:27 See also 1Ch 16:11; 1Ch 22:19; Ps 14:2; Ac 15:16-17; Am 9:11-12; Heb 11:6

God calls people to seek him Isa 55:6-7 See also Hos 10:12; Am 5:4-6

God promises that people will seek him Jer 50:4 See also Hos 3:4-5; Hos 5:13-15; Zep 2:3; Zec 8:20-23

God promises to be found by those who seek him Pr 8:17 See also Dt 4:29-31; 1Ch 28:9; 2Ch 15:1-2; Isa 45:19; Jer 29:11-14; Mt 7:7-8 pp Lk 11:9-10

God’s opportunity for seeking him is now and is restricted to this life 2Co 6:2 See also Lk 16:19-31

Seeking God is an issue of the heart

Seeking God begins in the heart Ps 27:8 See also 2Ch 11:16

Wholeheartedness in seeking God is required Jer 29:13 See also Dt 4:27-29; 1Ch 22:17-19; 2Ch 15:12-15; Ps 63:1

Seeking God and his kingdom is the priority of life

Mt 6:33 pp Lk 12:31 See also Ps 27:4; Mt 13:44-46

Examples of people seeking God

2Ki 22:11-20 Josiah; 2Ch 14:2-7 Asa Jehoshaphat: 2Ch 17:3-6; 2Ch 20:1-4
Ezr 8:21-23 Ezra; Ps 27:4-8; Da 9:2-3; Ac 13:1-3

The consequences of seeking God

It leads to life Am 5:4-6 See also Ps 69:32; Ro 2:7-8

It leads to forgiveness 2Ch 7:14 See also 2Ch 30:18-20; Isa 55:6-7; Jer 26:17-19

It leads to blessing Ps 119:2 See also Ps 24:3-6; Isa 65:9-10

It leads to provision Ps 34:8-10 See also Mt 6:31-33 pp Lk 12:29-31

It leads to protection Ps 27:4-5 See also Ezr 8:21-23

It leads to understanding and wisdom Pr 28:5 See also Da 2:17-23

It leads to renewed strength Isa 40:30-31 See also Lk 22:42-43

It leads to rejoicing 1Ch 16:10 See also Ps 40:16; Ps 70:4; Ps 105:3

Hindrances to seeking God

Unrighteousness Hos 10:12-13 See also Isa 59:1-2

Pride Ps 10:4 See also 2Ch 26:16-18

Trusting in human resources Isa 31:1 See also 2Ch 16:12; Hos 5:13-15

Idolatry Zep 1:4-6 See also Ro 1:21-23

Superficial religion Am 5:5-6 See also Isa 58:1-9

Seeking God through occult practices is forbidden

1Ch 10:13-14 See also Lev 19:31; Lev 20:6; Dt 18:10-12; 1Sa 28:4-20; Ac 16:16-18

Consequences of not seeking God

Loss of life 2Ch 15:13 See also Dt 13:6-10

Loss of salvation Ps 119:155

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