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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8157 righteousness, as faith
8157 righteousness, as faith

8157 righteousness, as faith

Full faith and trust make a person pleasing in the sight of God.

Human righteousness compared with God’s righteousness

Human beings cannot by themselves achieve righteousness in the sight of God Ecc 7:20; Isa 64:6; Mt 5:20 See also Pr 21:2; Da 9:18; Mt 23:28; Lk 16:15; Lk 18:9; Ro 3:10,20; Php 3:6-7

True righteousness is the result of the action of God

Ro 8:3-4; Eph 4:24; 1Jn 2:29 See also Ro 6:13,16-20; Ro 8:10; Ro 14:17; Gal 5:5; Eph 5:9; Php 1:11; Heb 12:11; Jas 3:18; 1Pe 2:24; 1Jn 3:10

Faith pleases God

Ge 15:6; Heb 11:6 See also 1Sa 26:23; Ps 32:10; Ps 40:4; Ps 84:12; Ps 106:30-31; Jer 17:7; Hab 2:4; Heb 10:38; Heb 11:4,7

Righteousness and faith in Jesus Christ

It is God-given and not the result of human effort Ro 1:17; Php 3:8-9 Paul is contrasting this righteousness with his own previous efforts. See also Ac 13:39; Ro 3:21,27-28 It is apparent that faith is not regarded as another kind of “work” which earns salvation; Ro 4:1-8; Ro 5:17; Ro 9:30-31; Gal 3:11-12

Faith is centred on Jesus Christ and what he has accomplished Ro 5:1-2 “justified” means “declared righteous” in a legal sense. See also Ro 3:21-26; Ro 4:18-25; Ro 10:6-10; Gal 3:6-9

Saving faith is not mere belief, but acting on the basis of that belief Jas 2:21-24

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