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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8142 religion
8142 religion

8142 religion

A set of beliefs, a form of worship, ritual, prayer and a code of moral behaviour. True faith in God, moral standards and good works are important in relation to a biblical understanding of true religion, which is contrasted with the false religion of paganism.


Heb 11:6 See also Ge 15:6 Belief can easily be misdirected and become superstition: 1Sa 4:3-8; 1Ki 20:23
Jnh 3:5; Jas 2:19 Belief by itself is insufficient for salvation.


Jnh 1:16 See also 2Ki 19:37 pp Isa 37:38; Jer 44:17-19; Ac 17:22-23


Mk 7:3-4 See also Ex 32:2-6; 1Ki 18:22-29; Heb 10:11


Isa 44:17 See also 1Ki 18:26; Isa 45:20; Lk 2:37; Ac 10:4

Code of behaviour

Ne 9:13-14 See also 2Ki 23:3 pp 2Ch 34:31; Mt 19:16-20 pp Mk 10:17-20 pp Lk 18:18-21; Mt 23:23 pp Lk 11:42 Religious people do not always see the inconsistencies in their behaviour; Lk 1:6; Jn 18:28; Jas 1:26

True religious practice

Jas 1:27

Moral standards 1Co 7:19 See also Mt 15:16-20 pp Mk 7:18-23; Mk 12:33; Lk 11:39-41; Ro 10:2-4; Ro 14:17

Good works 1Ti 5:4 See also Mt 19:21 pp Mk 10:21 pp Lk 18:22; Eph 2:10; Jas 2:14-17

See also

7435sacrifice, in OT
8028faith, body of beliefs
8603prayer, relationship with God
8625worship, acceptable attitudes
8748false religion
8784nominal religion

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