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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8138 monotheism
8138 monotheism

8138 monotheism

The central doctrine that there is one true God, who alone is the object of worship. There is none like the Lord; other gods and idols are nothing. Scripture also indicates that there is a network of relationships within the Godhead which is stated in terms of the doctrine of the Trinity.

The doctrine of monotheism

There is only one God Dt 6:4; Eph 4:6; 1Ti 2:5 See also Dt 4:35; Dt 32:39; Ne 9:6; Ps 83:18; Ps 86:10; Isa 43:10; Isa 44:6; Isa 45:18; Mk 12:29,32; Ro 3:30; 1Co 8:6; Jas 2:19

There is none like the Lord 1Ki 8:23 See also Ex 8:10; 2Sa 7:22 pp 1Ch 17:20; Ps 89:6; Isa 40:18,25

He alone is to be worshipped Ex 20:3-5 pp Dt 5:7-9 Jer 25:6 See also Ex 20:23; Ex 34:14; Dt 6:14; Dt 13:6-8; 2Ki 17:38-39; Ps 81:9; Jer 1:16; Jer 19:4; Jer 35:15

He alone is to be served Mk 12:30 pp Mt 22:37 See also Dt 6:4-5,13; Dt 13:4; 1Sa 7:3; Mt 4:10 pp Lk 4:8; 1Th 1:9-10

Other gods are nothing Isa 37:19; 1Co 8:4; 1Co 10:19-20 Idols are nothing in themselves, but those worshipping them open themselves to demonic influence. See also Dt 32:17; Ps 106:36-37; Isa 40:18-20; Isa 44:9-11; Ac 14:15; Gal 4:8

Monotheism and plurality in the Godhead

In the OT Ge 1:26 See also Ge 1:2 The Spirit of God is seen as God’s agent; Ge 3:22; Ge 11:7; Ex 3:2-6 The angel of the Lord is identified with, yet distinct from, God; Jdg 13:20-22; Ne 9:20; Ps 139:7; Isa 6:8; Isa 63:10-14

The Trinity in the NT Mt 28:19; 2Co 13:14 See also Mt 3:16-17; Jn 14:26; Jn 15:26; Ac 2:32-33; Eph 2:18; 1Pe 1:2

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