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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8131 guidance, results of
8131 guidance, results of

8131 guidance, results of

Wise counsel, advice and direction from God or his servants, if carefully followed, will enrich and benefit those to whom it is given.

Guidance resulting in military victory

2Sa 5:17-20 pp 1Ch 14:8-11 See also Jos 6:1-21; Jos 8:1-22; Jdg 6:33-7:25; 2Sa 5:22-25 pp 1Ch 14:13-16

Guidance resulting in safety

Mt 2:1-23

Guidance resulting in personal benefit

2Sa 2:1-4 See also Ge 24:10-27; Ge 41:1-49; 2Ki 5:1-14

Guidance resulting in the appointment of leaders

Ac 13:1-3 See also 1Ki 19:15-21; Lk 6:12-16; Ac 1:15-26

Guidance inspiring confidence

Ac 23:11 See also Ge 46:1-7; Ac 18:9-11

Guidance resulting in spiritual growth

Pr 9:9 See also Ex 16:1-30; 1Ki 19:3-18; Ac 9:1-19

Guidance eliciting praise and worship

Da 2:19-23 See also Ex 14:15-15:21; 2Sa 7:1-29; Ps 73:23-28

Guidance leading to obedience

Ge 12:1-5 See also Ge 6:9-22; Jdg 6:11-27

Guidance disregarded

Mt 19:16-22 pp Mk 10:17-22 pp Lk 18:18-23 See also Ge 3:1-6; 1Ki 22:1-38

See also

1020God, all-knowing
1180God, wisdom of
8347spiritual growth

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