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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8122 friendship, with God
8122 friendship, with God

8122 friendship, with God

A relationship of love and faithfulness into which God calls all people through faith.

Examples of friendship with God

Abraham Jas 2:23 See also 2Ch 20:7; Isa 41:8

Moses Ex 33:11 See also Nu 12:8; Dt 34:10

Job Job 29:4-5 See also Job 16:20-21

Examples of friendship with Jesus Christ

Mary, Martha and Lazarus Jn 11:5 See also Jn 11:3,11,35-36; Jn 12:1-2

The beloved disciple Jn 13:23 “the disciple whom Jesus loved” is generally thought to be John. See also Jn 19:26; Jn 20:2; Jn 21:7,20

The disciples Jn 15:14-15

The ministry of Jesus Christ is an expression of friendship to sinners

In his life on earth Mt 11:19 pp Lk 7:34 See also Lk 7:39; Lk 19:7

In his death on the cross Jn 15:13; Ro 5:7-8 See also Lk 12:4; Jn 3:16; 1Pe 3:18

God’s delight in friendship with those who he loves

Isa 5:7; Hos 11:1-4 See also 1Jn 1:3

The reliability of God as a friend

Isa 54:10 See also Dt 7:9; Jos 1:5; Pr 18:24; Jn 13:1; Heb 13:5

God’s invitation for people to know his friendship

Ps 145:18; Jas 4:8; Rev 3:20 Sharing a meal is a strong expression of friendship in Scripture. See also Zec 1:3; Mal 3:7; Ac 17:27; Jas 4:4

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