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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8120 following Jesus Christ
8120 following Jesus Christ

8120 following Jesus Christ

The NT provides examples of individuals who followed Jesus Christ and of the implications of this decision for their lives.

Examples of those who followed Jesus Christ

Crowds of people Mt 4:25 See also Mt 8:1; Mt 12:15 pp Mk 3:7; Mt 14:13 pp Lk 9:11 pp Jn 6:2; Mt 19:2; Mk 2:15; Mk 5:24; Lk 7:9,11

Those who were healed Mt 20:34 See also Mk 10:52 pp Lk 18:43

Those who were needy Mt 9:27

The disciples Mt 8:23 See also Mk 14:51; Mk 15:41; Jn 18:15

Examples of those who obeyed Jesus Christ’s call to follow him

Peter and Andrew Mt 4:18-20 pp Mk 1:16-18 See also Lk 5:11

James and John Mk 1:19-20

Matthew Mt 9:9 pp Mk 2:14 pp Lk 5:27-28

Philip Jn 1:43-45

Examples of those who hesitated when called to follow Jesus Christ

See also Mt 19:21 pp Mk 10:21 pp Lk 18:22-23; Lk 9:59-60

Wrong motives in following Jesus Christ

1Co 1:11-13

The cost of following Jesus Christ

Carrying one’s cross Mt 16:24-26 pp Mk 8:34-37 pp Lk 9:23-25 See also Mt 10:37-39; Lk 14:25-33; Jn 12:23-25

Leaving security behind Mt 8:19-20 pp Lk 9:57-58 See also Lk 9:61-62

Those who failed to persevere in following Jesus Christ Jn 6:66

Those who persevered under suffering in following Jesus Christ

See also Jn 13:12-17; Jn 21:19; Ac 22:4; Ac 24:14; Ro 15:5; 1Co 11:1; 1Th 1:6; 1Pe 2:20-23; Rev 14:4; Rev 17:14

The blessings of following Jesus Christ

Mt 19:27-30 pp Mk 10:28-31 pp Lk 18:28-30 The reward is not on the basis of merit but the free gift promised to those who follow Jesus Christ. See also Jn 8:12; Jn 12:26

The limits on following Jesus Christ

Jn 13:36

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