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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8028 faith, as a body of beliefs
8028 faith, as a body of beliefs

8028 faith, as a body of beliefs

That body of essential truth to which Christians hold. It is revealed by God and is to be passed on by faithful teachers. Believers are urged to remain true to the faith and to contend for it.

Faith as the truth that Christians believe

Gal 1:23; 1Ti 2:7 See also Ac 6:7; Eph 4:5; 1Ti 1:2; Tit 3:15

Terms equivalent to “the faith” The truth: Jn 14:6; 1Ti 3:15; 3Jn 3
Ac 2:42 the apostles’teaching The gospel: Gal 1:6-9; Php 1:7
2Ti 1:13-14 the good deposit

Aspects of “the faith” summarised Ac 2:22-24,32-33; 1Co 15:1-4; Php 2:5-11; Col 1:15-20; 1Ti 1:15; 1Ti 3:16; 2Ti 2:11-13; Heb 6:1-2

The source and transmission of the faith

The faith has been given by God Gal 1:11-12 See also Jn 1:17; Jn 8:40; 1Co 11:23; 2Ti 3:16; 2Pe 1:21

The faith is passed on by apostles and teachers Tit 1:9 See also Jn 15:20; Ac 4:20; 2Ti 2:2; 2Pe 1:16

Christians must remain true to the faith

Ac 14:21-22; 1Co 16:13 See also Heb 4:14-16

Being strengthened in the faith Php 1:25; Col 2:6-7 See also Eph 4:11-13; Jude 20

The danger of turning from the faith Mt 24:10; Heb 6:6 See also Ac 13:8; 2Co 13:5-6; 1Ti 5:8; 1Ti 6:10,20-21; Heb 2:1; Heb 3:12; Heb 10:35; Heb 12:25

Christians must contend for the faith

Php 1:27; Jude 3

Refuting false teachers See also 1Ti 4:1-6; 2Ti 3:6-8; Tit 1:10-13; 2Jn 7

Witnessing to the truth 1Pe 3:15

Contending for the faith is a responsibility of leaders Apostles: Php 1:7,15-16; 2Ti 4:7
1Ti 3:2 overseers, who must be able to teach; 1Ti 3:9 deacons; 1Ti 6:12 Timothy, responsible for the church at Ephesus

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