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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7968 spiritual gifts, nature of
7968 spiritual gifts, nature of

7968 spiritual gifts, nature of

In both the OT and the NT God graciously pours out gifts on his people. They are to be welcomed and used for the good of all.

OT examples of God giving special gifts

God’s gracious provision from above Joel 2:23-24 This gracious provision of material needs from above can be seen as foreshadowing God’s bestowal of spiritual gifts. See also Ex 16:4,8,13-14; Dt 11:14; 1Ki 17:6; Job 5:10; Isa 55:10

Distribution of land to tribes Jos 13:6-7 The Hebrew word for “give” often includes the sense of “apportion” or “assign”. See also Eze 47:21

The future promise of spiritual gifts Joel 2:28-29 See also Ac 2:17-18

In his earthly ministry Jesus Christ offers supernatural gifts

Mt 11:28 See also Mt 16:19; Lk 10:19; Jn 4:14; Jn 6:51

Spiritual gifts linked with grace

Ro 12:6 See also Mt 10:8; 1Co 4:7

Specific reference to spiritual gifts

1Co 12:1 See also Ro 1:11; 1Co 14:1,12,37

Diverse gifts, one giver

1Co 12:4-6 See also Ro 12:6-8; 1Co 7:7,17; 1Co 12:8-11,27; Eph 4:11; Heb 2:4; 1Pe 4:10-11

The purpose of spiritual gifts is to build up the church

1Co 14:12 See also 1Co 12:7; 1Co 14:2-5,17-19,26,31; Eph 4:16

The body of Christ benefits from these varied gifts 1Co 12:12 See also 1Co 12:14-31; Ro 12:4-6

Encouragement to aspire to the greater spiritual gifts 1Co 12:31; 1Co 14:1

The importance of love in exercising spiritual gifts

1Co 13:1 See also Ro 12:5-9; 1Co 14:1

Warnings about spiritual gifts

1Co 14:39 See also 1Co 14:37; 1Th 5:19-20

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