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7963 song

7963 song

In Scripture, songs express praise, thanksgiving, joy, victory and love. They also express sadness and derision and can be used to teach and warn. In heaven believers will sing a new song to God.

Different kinds of song

Songs of praise and thanksgiving 2Ch 5:13; Ps 69:30 See also Ne 12:8,46; Ps 28:7; Ps 95:2; Jer 30:18-19; Jnh 2:9; Jas 5:13

Songs of joy and celebration Ps 98:4 See also 2Sa 6:5 pp 1Ch 13:8; 1Ch 15:16; Ps 100:2; Ps 107:22; Ps 126:2,6; Isa 52:9; Isa 55:12

Songs of victory and deliverance Ex 15:1-18 The song celebrating God’s spectacular victory over Pharaoh and his army (compare with Rev 15:3). See also Jdg 5:1-3; 1Sa 18:6-7; 2Sa 22:1-4; Ps 18:2; Ps 32:7; Ps 42:8; Ps 118:15; Isa 26:1; Isa 44:23; Isa 49:13

Psalms and hymns Col 3:16 “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” are not clearly distinguished from each other in Scripture. See also 1Ch 16:7; Ps 40:3; Ps 47:7; Mt 26:30 pp Mk 14:26; 1Co 14:26; Ac 16:25; Eph 5:19

Songs of ascent Ps 122:1 Title Psalms 120-134, the so-called “Songs of Ascent”, are thought to have been sung by pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem.

Songs of love Ps 45:1 Title The title to this psalm describes it as “a wedding song”; SS 1:1; Isa 5:1; Eze 33:32

Laments 2Sa 1:17-19 See also 2Sa 3:33-34; 2Ch 35:25; Ps 102:1-2; Jer 7:29; Jer 9:10,20; La 2:5 The book of Lamentations is a series of laments after the fall of Jerusalem; Eze 19:1,14; Eze 26:17-18; Eze 27:2,32; Eze 28:12; Eze 32:16; Am 5:1

Songs of derision Job 30:9; Ps 69:12; La 3:14,63; Mic 2:4

God is described as the song of believers

Ps 118:14 See also Ex 15:2; Isa 12:2

Songs can teach and warn

Dt 32:44-46 See also Dt 31:19,22,30; Ps 119:54; Eph 5:19

A new song

Singing a new song to God expresses a renewed desire to praise him Ps 40:1-3 See also Ps 33:3; Ps 98:1; Ps 144:9; Ps 149:1; Isa 42:10

In heaven God’s people will sing a new song Rev 5:9-10 See also Rev 14:3

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