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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7960 singing
7960 singing

7960 singing

The musical voicing of praise to God. On account of God’s majesty and great acts of salvation singing was a regular part of the life of Israel and of the early church. In Israel musicians and singers were set aside solely for this purpose.

The call to sing praise to God

Ps 33:1-3; Ps 96:1-2 See also Ps 5:11; Ps 9:11; Ps 30:4; Ps 47:6; Ps 68:4,32; Ps 81:1-2; Ps 95:1; Ps 98:1,4-5,8-9; Ps 117:1; Ps 147:7; Ps 149:1; Isa 44:23; Isa 49:13; Isa 52:9; Ro 15:11

The resolve to sing praise to God

Ps 104:33 See also Ps 7:17; Ps 9:2; Ps 13:6; Ps 57:8-9; Ps 59:16-17; Ps 89:1; Ps 101:1; Ps 147:1

Singing in response to God’s deliverance from enemies and sin

Isa 35:10 See also Ps 18:47-49; Ps 71:22-24; Isa 54:1; Isa 55:12; Rev 5:11-14; Rev 15:3-4

God sings of his delight and love for his people

Zep 3:17

Singing in Israel

Singing accompanied major events See also 1Ch 15:27-28 the bringing of the ark to Jerusalem; 2Ch 5:12-13 the dedication of the temple; 2Ch 20:21-22 a march into battle; 2Ch 23:11-13 a coronation; 2Ch 29:27-28 the purification of the temple The celebration of the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread: 2Ch 30:21; 2Ch 35:15
Ne 12:27-29 the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem

Part of day-to-day worship 2Ch 23:18; Ne 11:23

Accompanied by instruments 1Ch 15:16 See also 1Ki 10:12 pp 2Ch 9:11; Ps 137:1-4

Musicians and singers appointed to lead Israel’s singing 1Ch 9:33; 1Ch 15:22 See also 1Ch 6:31-32; 1Ch 25:6-7; Ezr 2:41 pp Ne 7:44; Ezr 2:65; Ne 11:22; Ne 12:46

Singing in the NT

Eph 5:19-20; Jas 5:13 See also Mt 26:30 pp Mk 14:26; Ac 16:25; 1Co 14:15; Col 3:16

Singing is not always appropriate

Pr 25:20 See also Ecc 7:5
Am 5:23 God detests the songs of Israel that are not accompanied by obedience and justice. See also Isa 24:14-17; Isa 25:5; Eze 26:13; Am 6:5-7; Am 8:3,10

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