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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7953 mission, of the church
7953 mission, of the church

7953 mission, of the church

The continuation of Jesus Christ’s mission through his followers. Believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit and sent out by Christ to bear witness to him and to preach, heal, teach, baptise and make disciples of all peoples.

The power and authority of the church’s mission

Believers are sent out by Jesus Christ Jn 15:16 See also Mt 9:37-38; Lk 10:1-3; Jn 4:36-38

Believers are given authority by Jesus Christ Lk 9:1 See also Mt 10:1; Mt 28:18; Mk 6:7; Mk 16:17-18; Lk 10:17-19

Believers continue Jesus Christ’s mission Jn 20:21 See also Jn 17:18

Believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit Ac 1:8 See also Lk 24:49; Jn 20:22; Ac 4:31; Heb 2:4

The task of the church in mission

Making disciples Mt 28:19-20 See also Ac 2:41-42; Ac 14:15; Ac 16:14-15; Ac 18:8; Ro 10:14-15; 1Jn 1:2-3

Preaching and healing Lk 9:2 See also Mt 10:7-8; Mk 16:20; Lk 9:6

Proclaiming the gospel Ac 20:24 See also Ac 8:40; Ro 1:9; Ro 15:20; 2Ti 1:11

Bearing witness to Jesus Christ Ac 5:30-32 See also Lk 24:48; Jn 15:26-27; Ac 4:20

Bringing honour to God Eph 3:10-11 See also Jn 15:8; 1Pe 2:12

The universal scope of the church’s mission

Lk 24:47 See also Mt 24:14 pp Mk 13:10; Mk 16:15

The church reaching out in mission

To the Jews Mt 10:5-6 The disiples’mission began with the Jews. See also Mt 10:9-15 pp Mk 6:8-11 pp Lk 9:3-5 pp Lk 10:4-12; Ac 11:19 The scattered believers at first preached only to Jews.

To the Samaritans Ac 8:4-8 See also Ac 8:14-17,25

To the Gentiles Paul as the apostle to the Gentiles: Ac 9:15; Ro 11:13; Ro 15:16
Ac 10:34-35 Peter preaches to Cornelius and his family; Ac 11:20-21 Scattered believers preach to the Gentiles; Ac 13:1-3 Paul begins his first missionary journey (with Barnabas); Ac 15:40-41 Paul begins his second missionary journey (with Silas); Ac 16:9-10 Paul is called to preach the gospel in Macedonia; Ac 18:23 Paul’s third missionary journey; Ac 28:31 Paul preaches the gospel in Rome.

Missions undertaken by church officials

Ac 11:22-23 Barnabas is sent to Antioch to strengthen the new church. Paul and Barnabas take gifts to Jerusalem: Ac 11:30; Ac 12:25
Ac 15:22-23 Judas and Silas are sent to Antioch with a letter from the apostles and elders.

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