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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7949 mission, of Israel
7949 mission, of Israel

7949 mission, of Israel

God chose Israel to be his own people, and bring the good news of his salvation to the world. God’s mission through Israel is fulfilled in the mission of his servant and continues through the mission of the church.

Israel as a channel of God’s blessing

Blessings for all people through Abraham Ge 18:18 See also Ge 12:2-3; Ge 22:18; Ge 26:4 God’s promise repeated to Isaac; Ge 28:13-14 God’s promise repeated to Jacob; Ac 3:25; Gal 3:8

Israel’s call to be a nation of priests Ex 19:5-6 See also Isa 61:6

God’s desire to display his glory

God’s glory is to fill the earth Hab 2:14 See also Nu 14:21; Ps 72:18-19; Isa 6:3

God’s people display his glory Isa 60:1-3 See also Isa 46:13; Isa 49:3; Isa 55:5

God’s people declare his glory among the nations Ps 96:3 See also Ps 57:9; Ps 96:10; Ps 105:1-2 pp 1Ch 16:8-9; Ps 145:11-12

The nations will be drawn to God’s people

In recognition of God’s presence among his people Zec 8:20-23 See also 1Ki 10:1 pp 2Ch 9:1; Isa 45:14; Jer 16:19; Eze 37:27-28; Eze 39:7

To Jerusalem as the centre of universal worship Isa 2:2-4 pp Mic 4:1-3 See also Isa 11:9; Isa 25:6-8; Isa 27:13; Isa 56:6-8; Zec 14:16

God made known through his mighty acts

God’s deliverance of Israel Ex 7:5 See also Ps 98:1-3; Ps 102:15-16; Isa 49:26; Eze 38:23

God’s action on behalf of Israel Ex 34:10 See also Ex 8:19; Jos 4:24; 1Ki 8:41-43 pp 2Ch 6:32-33; Ps 67:1-4; Ps 126:2

God’s renewal of Israel Eze 36:23 See also Eze 20:40-41; Eze 28:24-25; Eze 38:16

Israel as a witness to other nations

God’s people sent to other nations Isa 66:19 See also 1Ki 17:9; Jnh 1:2; Jnh 3:2; Mt 23:15

Examples of God’s people bearing witness to him Ge 41:16 Joseph; Ex 7:16-17 Moses and Aaron; 2Ki 5:3 Naaman’s servant girl; Da 2:44-47 Daniel; Da 3:16-18 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Israel’s failure in mission

Isa 26:18 See also Eze 36:20-21

The fulfilment of God’s mission through Israel

The mission of God’s Messiah Isa 11:10 See also Ro 15:12; Ps 72:17 God’s promise to Abraham is fulfilled through the Messianic king; Gal 3:16

The mission of God’s servant Isa 49:6 See also Isa 42:1-6; Isa 52:15

The mission of the church 1Pe 2:9 See also Ro 15:16

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