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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7943 ministry, in the church
7943 ministry, in the church

7943 ministry, in the church

The regular ministry of officially appointed or recognised ministers is a particular instance of the duty and call of all God’s people.

The responsibilities of those in recognised ministry

As shepherds Ac 20:28 See also 1Pe 5:2

As watchmen Heb 13:17 See also Ro 16:17; Php 3:2

As teachers 1Ti 3:2 See also 2Ti 2:2,24

As examples 1Ti 4:16 See also Ac 20:28; 1Pe 5:3

What believers owe to those with recognised ministries

Respect 1Th 5:12-13 See also Php 2:29; 1Ti 5:17

Obedience Heb 13:17 See also 1Co 16:15-16

Support 1Co 9:14 Despite Jesus Christ’s command, Paul did not claim his rights in this matter, but supported himself as a tentmaker. See also Lk 10:7; Gal 6:6; 1Ti 5:18; Dt 25:4

Prayer Ro 15:30 See also Eph 6:19; Php 1:19; 1Th 5:25; Heb 13:18

Hospitality Php 2:29-30 See also Gal 4:14

Imitation Heb 13:7

Recognised ministers should encourage the ministries of other believers

Col 4:17 See also Ro 12:6-8; 1Co 12:4-11 The Holy Spirit allocates gifts and enables ministries. No individual has all the gifts; ministry is shared and mutual; Eph 4:7,11-13

The motivation of ministry is mutual love

Gal 5:13 See also Ro 12:10; Ro 13:8; Col 3:12-14; 1Th 3:12; Heb 13:1; 1Pe 1:22; 1Jn 3:23

How love is expressed in mutual ministry

In humility Eph 4:2 See also Ro 12:10,16; Gal 5:26; 1Pe 5:5

In patience 1Th 5:14 See also Jas 5:9

In acceptance and forbearance Ro 15:7 See also Col 3:13

In kindness, compassion and forgiveness Eph 4:32 See also Col 3:13; 1Th 5:15

In burden-bearing Gal 6:2

In encouragement 1Th 5:11 See also Heb 3:13; Heb 10:24-25

In teaching and admonition Col 3:16 See also Ro 15:14; Eph 5:19; 1Th 5:14

In prayer and confession of sin Jas 5:16

In hospitality 1Pe 4:9

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