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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7924 fellowship, in Christian service
7924 fellowship, in Christian service

7924 fellowship, in Christian service

Partnership in a common enterprise. God’s people are called to work together especially in the task of mission, to recognise one another’s gifts and to give support to one another’s ministries.

Fellowship in mission

Partnership in preaching the gospel Gal 2:9 See also Mk 10:7; Lk 10:1-2; Php 1:5

Supporting the work of others Ac 14:26; Php 4:14-16 The Philippians share in Paul’s work through their giving. See also Ac 13:2-3; Ac 15:40; 2Co 11:9; 3Jn 5-8

Standing together in adversity Heb 10:32-34 See also 2Co 1:7; Php 1:27-30; Php 4:14; Heb 11:25

Fellowship between Paul and his co-workers Php 4:3 Barnabas: Ac 11:26-30; Ac 13:42-50; Ac 14:1-23; Ac 15:22-29
Ro 16:3 Priscilla and Aquila; Ro 16:9 Urbanus; Ro 16:21 Timothy; 2Co 8:23 Titus; Php 2:25 Epaphroditus; Phm 1 Philemon; Phm 24 Mark, Aristarchus, Demas and Luke

In fellowship different gifts are combined for effective service

1Co 12:12 See also 1Co 12:4-6

Spiritual gifts are given to all to share 1Co 12:7 See also Ro 12:4-8; 1Co 12:14-20; 1Pe 4:10

Recognising one another’s gifts 1Co 12:21-26

Accepting one another’s ministries Gal 2:7-8 See also 1Co 12:27-31; 1Co 16:15-18; 2Pe 3:15-16

Examples of sharing in different roles Ne 4:16-22; 1Co 3:5-8 See also Ex 4:15-16; Ex 17:10-13; 1Co 12:8-11

Examples of working together in fellowship

Ecc 4:9-12 See also Dt 3:18-20 the Reubenites and the Gadites join with the rest of Israel to conquer Canaan; Jdg 20:11 all Israel unites against Gibeah; Ezr 3:8-10 Those returning from exile work together to rebuild the temple; Ne 4:6 The Israelites work together to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem; Lk 5:7-10 Peter and Andrew, James and John are business partners.

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