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7912 collections

7912 collections

The financial burden of God’s work has always been shared amongst God’s people. In the OT, this was mainly by compulsory tithes; in the NT by voluntary contributions.

The collection of compulsory tithes and other religious taxes

Tithes Lev 27:30 See also Nu 18:21

Redemption money Ex 30:12; Nu 3:46-47

Temple taxes 2Ch 24:5; Mt 17:24

The collection of voluntary contributions

For the tabernacle Ex 36:3 See also Nu 7:2-3,84-88

For the temple 1Ch 29:1-9

For the rebuilding of the temple Ezr 1:4

For the teaching ministry of the church Gal 6:6 See also Lk 8:1-3; Php 4:15-16; 1Ti 5:17-18

For the relief of the poor Ro 15:26; 1Co 16:1 See also Ac 2:45; Ac 4:34-35; Ac 11:29-30

The aim of collections

To share burdens equally 2Co 8:13-15

To supply people’s needs 2Co 9:12

To arouse thanksgiving 2Co 9:12-15

The right attitude to collections

Generosity Ex 36:4-6; 2Co 8:11; 2Co 9:6

Cheerfulness 2Co 9:7

Discipline 1Co 16:2-4

Humility Mt 6:2-4

A willing spirit 2Co 8:12

A sacrificial spirit Mk 12:41-44 pp Lk 21:1-4; 2Co 8:1-4

The faithful administration of collections

2Ki 22:7; Ac 11:30; 2Co 8:19-21

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