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7797 teaching

7797 teaching

The apostles’teaching formed the basis of the instruction given to the first Christians. Parts of the NT draw a distinction between preaching and teaching, seeing the former as a means of converting individuals, and the latter as a means of instructing them after conversion.

The importance of teaching

Ecc 12:11-12 “goads” prod the sluggish to action, while “embedded nails” furnish a kind of mental anchorage. “Shepherd” is almost certainly a reference to God himself. See also Pr 1:8-9; Pr 3:1-2; Pr 4:1-4; Pr 6:20-23; Mt 5:19; 1Co 14:6; 2Ti 4:2-3

Teaching given by parents

Pr 22:6 See also Dt 6:6-9; Dt 11:18-19; Eph 6:1-4

The apostles’teaching

Ac 2:42; Tit 1:9 See also Mt 28:19-20; Ro 6:17; Ro 16:17; 1Th 4:8; 2Th 2:15; 1Ti 1:10-11; 1Ti 4:6; 1Ti 6:3; 2Ti 1:13-14; 2Ti 4:3; Tit 2:1

The gift of teaching in the church

Ro 12:7 See also 1Ti 4:13-14

Ways of teaching believers

Through example 1Th 1:5-6 See also 1Co 4:17; 1Co 11:1; Php 4:9; 1Th 2:14; 2Ti 3:10; Tit 2:3-7

Through dialogue with the teacher Ac 20:7; Ac 19:8-9

Through explanation of ceremonies Ex 12:26-27; Ex 13:14-16

Through proverbs Pr 1:1-6,20-28

Through the law Dt 6:6-9; Dt 11:18-19; Dt 27:1-26; Ps 78:5-8

Through mutual edification Col 3:16 See also Ro 15:14; 1Th 5:11; Heb 5:12

Through the instruction of different groups within the church Eph 5:22-6:9; Col 3:18-4:1; Tit 2:1-10; 1Pe 2:18-3:7; 1Pe 5:1-5

The distinction between teaching and preaching

Ac 15:35 See also Mt 4:23; Mt 9:35; Mt 11:1; Lk 20:1; Ac 4:2; Ac 5:42; Ac 28:31

Examples of major themes taught in the NT church

Righteousness from God through faith in Jesus Christ Ro 3:21-22 See also Gal 2:20-21

Freedom in Christ from the demands of the law Gal 5:1-3

The humility of Jesus Christ Php 2:5-8 See also Heb 13:12-13

The supremacy of Jesus Christ Col 1:18

The superiority of Jesus Christ Heb 3:3 Hebrews also shows Jesus Christ to be superior to the angels, the high priest and the sacrifices.

Godly behaviour Eph 4:22-24 See also Ro 12:1-2; 1Ti 6:1-2

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