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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7786 shepherd, as king and leader
7786 shepherd, as king and leader

7786 shepherd, as king and leader

Shepherd was a standard term for a leader or king throughout the ancient world. In this sense it often appears in the Bible.

General term for a king or leader

Isa 44:28 The prophet describes this non-Jewish king as God’s shepherd; Jer 6:3 See also 2Sa 7:7; Ps 77:20; Isa 31:4; Jer 12:10; Jer 49:19; Jer 50:44

The Lord as shepherd

Of Israel Ps 80:1 See also Ge 49:24; Ps 28:9; Isa 40:11

Of the individual Ps 23:1 See also Ge 48:15

David as the model of a good shepherd

Experience as a real shepherd Ps 78:70-71 See also 1Sa 17:34-37; 2Sa 12:1-7 The king is brought to his senses by a “shepherd” story; Ps 23:1-4

The shepherd faces death for his flock 2Sa 24:17 See also Ex 32:32; Jn 10:11,15,17

David as a model of the coming Messiah Eze 34:23 See also Jer 23:4-5; Jer 30:9; Hos 3:5

A good shepherd as a leader “after God’s own heart”

Jer 3:15 See also Isa 40:11; Jer 31:10; Eze 34:12

A bad shepherd

1Ki 22:17

Criticisms of the shepherds of Israel

Jer 23:1-2 See also Jer 10:21; Jer 22:21-22; Eze 34:1-10

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