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7781 seer

Seer as an alternative title for a prophet

1Sa 9:9 Literally, a “seer” is “one who sees”, especially one who claims to see into the future or to have insight into the will of God. See also 2Sa 24:11 pp 1Ch 21:9

Seers used by people to enquire of God

1Sa 9:8-9

David had seers to enquire of God for him 1Ch 25:1-5 See also 2Sa 24:11 pp 1Ch 21:9; 2Sa 15:27; 2Ch 29:25; 2Ch 35:15

Seers were used by God to bring his word to the people

2Ki 17:13

Seers were used by God to bring his word to the king

2Ch 16:7-10; 2Ch 33:18

The words of a seer were sometimes unwelcome

2Ch 16:7-10; Isa 30:10; Am 7:12-13

Samuel was called a seer

1Sa 9:11-14,18-19; 1Ch 9:22; 1Ch 26:28; 1Ch 29:29

Asaph, the psalmist, called a seer

2Ch 29:30

Seers wrote Israel’s history

2Ch 33:18-19 See also 1Ch 29:29; 2Ch 9:29; 2Ch 12:15

God judges Israel by blinding the seers

Isa 29:10; Mic 3:7

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