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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 7778 school of prophets
7778 school of prophets

7778 school of prophets

A company of prophets working and prophesying together under the instruction and leadership of a more experienced prophet. There were also similar companies of false prophets.

A school of prophets used by God to influence others

1Sa 19:19-24 See also 1Sa 10:5-6,10-13; 2Ki 9:1-3; Ezr 5:2

Schools of prophets associated with particular places

Bethel 2Ki 2:3

Jericho 2Ki 2:15

Leaders of schools of prophets

Samuel and a school of prophets 1Sa 19:20

Elisha and a school of prophets 2Ki 2:15 See also 2Ki 4:1,38; 2Ki 6:1-4

A school of prophets in danger

1Ki 18:4 See also 1Ki 18:13

Schools of false prophets

1Ki 18:19,40; 1Ki 22:6 pp 2Ch 18:5; 1Ki 22:10 pp 2Ch 18:9; 1Ki 22:12-14 pp 2Ch 18:11-13; 1Ki 22:19-23 pp 2Ch 18:18-22; Ne 6:14

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